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SNA Vermont Executive Board

Steve Marinelli Erika Dolan

Steve Marinelli

Milton Town Schools
(802) 893-3215 ext. 1313

Erika Dolan

President Elect
Waterbury/Duxbury School District
802-244-6100 ext.168  

Our Valuable Team Members

Linda Wheelock Gretchen Czaja Katherine Alexander, SNS

Linda Wheelock

Past President
South Royalton School
(802) 763-7740 ext. 254


Gretchen Czaja

Woodstock Elementary School
802-457-2522 |
WES Healthy Foods Educator & Provider
WCSU Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
WCSU Food Service Coordinator

Katherine Alexander, SNS

ANESU Food Service Cooperative
802-453-2333 ext 1004

List of SNA Committees

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President and shall consist of an active past President and three (2-3) other voting members. Responsibilities:
  • Seeks potential Board candidates
  • Verifies the eligibility of candidates
  • Selects candidates for each office to be filled and submits a report for approval of the Executive Board.
  • A date will be set each year by the Executive Board as a deadline for nominations.

Public Policy & Legislation (PPL) Committee

Public Policy and Legislation (PPL) Committee Responsibilities:
  • Evaluates, interprets, recommends, and responds to Federal and State legislation and Regulations.
  • Informs the membership of current legislation
  • Develops legislative policy and positions for Executive Board approval and acts on behalf of the Association on legislative matters

Nutrition Committee

Nutrition Committee Responsibilities:
  • Evaluates and interprets nutrition trends and developments
  • Promotes nutrition education
  • Informs and makes available to members an annual summary of developments relating to nutrition aspects of child nutrition programs

Bylaws/Policy Committee

Bylaws/Policy Committee Responsibilities:
  • Reviews Bylaw amendments or revisions proposed for Membership’s consideration
  • Advises the Membership of its recommendations
  • Reviews the Bylaws annually to ensure they are consistent with current philosophy and recommends change
  • Recommends to the Executive Board establishment of policies and procedures to enable the Association to run efficiently and consistently
  • Keeps policy/procedure manual current

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Responsibilities:
  • Recommends to the Executive Board policies and procedures pertaining to the implementation of Association’s membership
  • Promotes membership and develops membership drives.
  • Analyzes membership trends and recommends appropriate action
  • Maintains liaison with appropriate state and federal; agencies, professional associations, and organizations.

Professional Development & Conference Committee

Professional Development and Conference Committee Responsibilities:
  • Coordinates and promotes educational opportunities for membership.
  • Develops a statewide training program and trainer network, offering courses that members need for certification.
  • Develops a long range plan for professional development.
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