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Now We're Cooking!

Hands-On Professional Culinary Arts Workshops for School Food Professionals

School Nutrition Association of Vermont (SNA-VT), Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT
FEED), and the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) are teaming up to offer five regional
workshops designed to help school food professionals:

•Develop hands-on professional skills
•Cook with fresh, whole foods to enhance the health benefits of school meals
•Use scratch cooking techniques efficiently
•Reduce sodium in food served at school
•Create lunch & breakfast items

All workshops take place on WEDNESDAYS, 2:30-5:30 PM.

For more information, schedule and to register please click here!

The following opportunities offer individuals the chance to stay current in the field of child
nutrition and gain increased respect in the field through demonstrated knowledge and
expertise.  Two types of professional development are offered through SNA.

  • SNA – Certification
    SNA offers individuals the opportunity to earn certification at three levels in five key areas
    of child nutrition and food service.  Earn certification credits by attending workshops and
    conferences, reading articles in the SNA monthly magazine, and taking college level
    courses or other courses in any of the key areas.  Individuals keep track of the credits
    they earn and then submit a form to SNA with proof of course/content completion when
    enough credits are earned.  This is a good way to improve professional status in your job,
    gain important knowledge, and keep current in the field of child nutrition.

  • SNA Credentialing Exam
    The SNA Credentialing Exam is a proctored exam offered in VT at Summer Institute and
    at the SNA-VT Annual Conference as well as at other SNA events and conferences around
    the country.  The exam requires about three to six months of study or expertise in all
    areas of Child Nutrition Management.  Registration and payment to sit for this exam is
    arranged through the SNA national website.  Exams can be taken up to three times.  Upon
    successful completion of the exam SNA will issue the title of “School Nutrition Specialist
    (SNS)”.  This designation must be renewed each year.

Please visit the SNA website for more detailed information and to register for an exam or
apply for certification.
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